Shade's Outfits
Kingdom: Moon Kingdom
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Love Interest(s): Fine (Anime)

Rein (Manga)

Notable Relatives: Moon Maria (Mother)
Milky (Sister)
Occupation(s): Prince
Series: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
Voiced By: Junko Minagawa

Shade (シェイド; Sheido),also known as Eclipse, is the prince of Moon Kingdom and the older brother of Princess Milky. At first he was a mysterious figure under the disguise of Eclipse, but is now an ally of Fine and Rein as Prince Shade. He was also informally the 'Master' of Tio.


Shade has sharp, blue eyes and dark messy blue hair. He has slightly tanned skin and is quite tall for boys his age. As Eclipse, his outfit consists of a dark blue cowboy hat, and a black coat over a light blue shirt with a yellow tie. He wears long, gray pants and white cowboy boots. When travelling, he is always seen with his pet and use of transport, Regina, who always and only listen to him alone. He always carries a whip for combat. As Prince Shade, he wears a golden coloured coat with a short navy, blue cape over the neck. The symbols on the end on the coat indicates that he is the prince of he moon kingdom

Characteristics Edit

Shade is calm and level-headed by nature, and as such, rarely panics or gets flustered. Compared to many of the other characters, he is considerably more pragmatic, to the point of ignoring other people's feelings in order to force them to face reality. This down-to-earth attitude, combined with his keen observation skills, makes him an accomplished strategist.

For the most part, Shade is a loner, operating independently and according to his own plans, with complete disregard for laws and other people from time to time. However, he means well - his goal has been to save the Mysterious Star from the very beginning - he just finds people (and laws) to be extremely burdensome at times. Despite this, he works well with others and appears to care a lot for his teammates, often taking leadership in group endeavors.

It has been shown that Shade is generally distrustful of others. Although his cynicality is likely what led him to be a loner in the first place, it has been well-placed on occasion, as his suspicions of the minister eventually led him to keep tabs on the man, who turned out to be conspiring against the whole star.

It is suggested that Shade is an intelligent and well-read person. His room is stocked with books and telescopes (possibly indicating an interest in astronomy), and he demonstrates a good deal of knowledge in botany later on in Gyu! Additionally, he is shown to be eloquent in speech, earning much praise from his fellow princes and princesses at the Sunny Kingdom summit.

At the beginning of the series (under the alias of Eclipse), Shade was a shown to be a capable spy, following the twin princesses around in order to see the extent of their powers. He was also able to infiltrate several kingdoms in order to accomplish his goal of taking control of the Prominence (which he later abandoned) and saving the Mysterious Star.

As Eclipse, Shade can be extremely rude, cold and mean. He is not afraid to bark at people, and has made some of the most heartless comments in the anime. According to Rein, Eclipse is a "savage, rude, bad-mouthed, self-important, brutal, cold and heartless guy".

He cares deeply for his family (and later, Fine) and has even risked being severely injured in order to protect his mother and sister. It is observed that in the anime, Shade took a liking to Rein at first, repeatedly saving her life, but grows to prefer Fine later on.


Character ConnectionsEdit

Prince Bright: Shade has a long and complicated history with Bright. The two first met in Episode 5, with Shade disguised as Eclipse. Bright mistook Shade for a thief, and had guards corner him. He apologizes later and politely invites Shade to join the party, only to receive a curt response on Shade's part. The two begin to recognize each other as enemies in Episode 9, when Shade lured the twin princesses into a trap, wanting to see the extent of the powers of the Prominence. They officially recognize each other as opposition in Episode 13, when Bright begins to believe that Shade is trying to hurt Fine. The two have engaged in a number of duels since then. It is shown that Bright is easily flustered by Shade's rude comments.

"Princess Fine": at the first of the anime he had a crush on Rein and always saving her from danger,but he grews on prefering Fine and she will be his love interest in episode 45.


  • Fine and Shade (and possibly Narlo) are the only one's who can understand Milky when she's talking.


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