Kingdom: Sea Kingdom
Gender: Female
Age: 7-8
Notable Relatives: King of the Sea Kingdom (Father)

Queen of the Sea Kingdom (Mother)

Occupation(s): Princess
Series: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
Pearl (パール, Pāru) is the princess of the Sea Kingdom.


Pearl has orange hair and cerulean blue eyes. She is small and she is the princess of the Sea Kingdom. She wears a gold tiara with a big pearl on the top, gold bobbles in her hair and she wears a flowing pale yellow dress with a high curved collar and a blue gem in the middle.


Pearl is kind, caring and loyal. However she trusts others easily including the bad guys and has no real sense of danger but she's always ready and willing to help others even if their intentions aren't for the greater good. She is happy and is sweet enough to turn Boomo good again. Pearl only appears in the first season.

Friends Edit

Her friends are:

Naaga The Eel

The Urchin Family




Captain Peggy

Fine and Rein

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