Kingdom: Moon Kingdom
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Notable Relatives: Moon Malia (Mother)

Shade (Brother)

Occupation(s): Princess
Series: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime

Milky (ミルキー?)Edit

Voiced by: Kazuko Kojima

Milky is the princess of the Moon Kingdom and Shade's younger sister. She's a toddler that can travel around places (by sitting on her floating star). Milky is more likely to have trouble communicating people with her "Babu" babbling, but people like Shade and Fine can understand what she means. She is also gluttonous like Fine, and often eats up all of the food before Fine can reach it.


Milky has light pink hair and has dark blue eyes, she wears a little orange dress with long frilly sleeves and a frilly hem. She has a tiny tiara with a crescent moon on top.

Personality Edit

Milky is a good-natured, gluttonous toddler. Owing to her appetite , Poomo says that she and Fine 'are on the same wavelength' and thus she can be understood with ease by Fine. She is generally something of a rascal with a penchant for eating, which has got her both into and out of trouble. She is able to understand older people, like when Shade asked her to keep his alter ego Eclipse a secret, and later assisted him in foiling a plot by the minister by pretending to be unwell to let Shade take her to the infirmary and thus slip away undetected. Towards the end of the series she was shown to get along well with Narlo, likely because he was the only other one of her age.


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