This article is about Prince Bright. If you are looking for Dark Bright possessed by the power of darkness, check out Bright (Dark Version).

"I can't do anything to make up for my mistakes. But at least my heart is sincere. I do want to save the Mysterious Star and everyone who lives here."
Bright in "The Final Prominence ☆ Princesses Don't Give Up"

Bright profile


Bright's Outfits
Kingdom: Jewelry Kingdom
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Love Interest(s): Rein (Anime)
Fine (Manga)
Notable Relatives: Aaron (Father)
Camelia (Mother)
Altezza (Sister)
Occupation(s): Prince
Series: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
First Appearance: Episode 1
Voiced By: Tetsuya Kakihara

Bright (ブライト; Buraito) is one of the main characters of Fushgiboshi no Futagohime. He is the prince of the Jewelry Kingdom and the older brother of Altezza. Bright originally had a crush on Fine at the beginning of the series, but grew to love Rein instead. He is the super idol of the Mysterious Star, and extremely popular, especially among girls.


Bright has fair skin, neat blond hair and deep orange,red eyes. He is extremely handsome. He wears a white coat with a red royal cape over it. The jewelry that was decorated around the clothes and shoes clearly indicates him from the Jewelry Kingdom.


Bright is a real gentleman, kind and gentle to all princesses, making him the super idol of the Mysterious Star. He takes his responsibilities as prince very seriously, and begins to feel useless as he is never able to be a big help in any situation. The guilt and grief that accumulated in him ultimately made him the perfect puppet for the power of darkness and his personality takes a turn for the worst. As Dark Bright he is cruel and heartless, indifferent to all the evils he has committed in trying to reach his goal of becoming the king of the Mysterious Star. He doesn't care who he hurts - if they are against him, he destroys them because he is doing what is needed unless it's Fine

Character ConnectionsEdit

Altezza: He is very close to his sister, Altezza, and understood her very well, although he scolded her often (very gently). As Dark Bright, he later used this information to manipulate her. In fact, the siblings were so close that Altezza refused to recognize any other person as her dance partner until her dance with Auler at the Windmill Kingdom's Princess Party.

King Aaron & Queen Camelia: He is on good terms with his parents, and is very respectful towards them. His parents trust him a lot, even yelling at Altezza for not believing her brother and siding with the twin princesses.

Fine & Rein: Bright originally harbored a major crush on Fine, constantly worrying about her well being, even becoming a little over protective of her. This crush continued even when he became Dark Bright, constantly striving to please her. However, Fine never reciprocated his feelings. Later, he begins to recognize all the things Rein had done for him and her willingness to protect him from the power of darkness, even putting her life on the line, and begins to develop a crush on her instead.

Prince Auler: Bright is also good friends with Auler. They work well together, and are able to share thoughts with each other. Auler trusts Bright a lot, as shown when Bright offered to deal with the conflict between the Windmill Kingdom and the Bird People. Their bond only increased after the balloon race incident.

Prince Shade: Bright has a very complicated history with Shade. The two first met in Episode 5, with Shade disguised as Eclipse. Bright mistook Shade for a thief, and had guards corner him. He apologizes later and politely invites Shade to join the party, only to recieve a curt response on Shade's part. The two begin to recognize each other as enemies in Episode 9, when Shade lured the twin princesses into a trap, wanting to see the extent of the powers of the Prominence. They officially recognize each other as opposition in Episode 13, when Bright begins to believe that Shade is trying to hurt Fine. The two have engaged in a number of duels since then. It is shown that Bright is easily flustered by Shade's rude comments.

Gallery Edit

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